Shelly Spencer, Pro Travel Copywriter

Is your travel, tourism, or hospitality marketing content all it should be to get your business the sales it deserves?
​The world’s travel and tourism industry topped over $7.6 TRILLION dollars (U.S.) in 2016 alone. Yes, Trillion...with a capital T.

Is your travel, tourism, or hospitality business getting its fair piece of this multi-trillion dollar pie? 

Or, are you leaving sales and money on the table for your competition to gobble up because your marketing content strategy is not all it could be? 

Do you lack the focus? The time to keep up? The unique and fresh ideas? The know-how to create compelling copy that gets you noticed and drives your business well beyond your competition?

Are you using the right content materials and formats? Are you producing enough content that is SEO rich so your prospects can find you, learn about your offer, and come to trust you?

For both B2B and B2C, "content is king," as they say, and the more content you produce, the easier it is for your customers to find your business in the sea of companies out there in the travel, tourism, hospitality, and related fields. And not just any old content will do. Gone are the days when you could just throw up a couple hundred words on a blog with a bunch of shiny stock photos.

The market demands the production of consistent, high-quality content to stand out in this extremely competitive industry. Consumers, travelers, and travel-related businesses need practical information that inspires -- to make those plans, take that trip, or buy your products or services.

That's where can help your business grow and thrive! not only provides first-class travel copywriting services that tells a story -- your story -- to current and prospective customers in a innovative and persuasive way, but also can help you strategize your materials so you can get the most from your marketing plan. 

​I am a travel copywriter with persuasive copywriting experience spanning 25 years and many industries. I use this experience along with my story telling skills and passion for travel and all things related, to help you create content that is rich, vivid, and shows thought and value.

I write copy for:

  • ​> Full service resorts 
  • > Hotels
  • > Motels
  • > Airlines
  • > Cruise lines
  • > Car rental companies
  • > Spas
  • > Restaurants
  • > Museums
  • > Amusement Parks
  • > Convention & visitor centers
  • > Tourism boards & agencies
  • > Chambers of commerce
  • > Tour companies
  • > Travel agencies
  • > B2B companies that sell to travel, tourism, and hospitality businesses

Email or call for a quote for your specific needs. Can you afford not to?​

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